With a world-class digital artist painting in the air, and a winning app at the Honda & Evernote Hackathon, it’s been a great week for creative uses of the Leap Motion Controller. We also have some thoughts about building bridges to other communities, two new tutorials, and new opportunities for you to collaborate with other developers. Plus, Kemari for Chrome, an update from our favorite Australian special school, and a global conference dedicated to graphs.

Featured News

Leap Motion Inspires Digital Painter Jeremy Sutton

Leap Motion, Corel and a Whole New Art Form

“It feels like being a dancer, conductor, and magician all wrapped up in one,” says Jeremy Sutton, digital painter. He’s been using Corel’s Painter Freestyle Beta application for Leap Motion to explore new ways to make art. Read more about his experience on the Leap Motion blog.

Recipe for Success at the Honda & Evernote Hackathon 

Food recipe app

An app created for the Leap Motion Controller was among the winners at this weekend’s Honda & Evernote Hackathon. Andrew Young and Jason Francis created a food recipe app that allows cooks to browse recipes in the kitchen and keep their devices clean.

Thinking in Motion: Building Bridges

Bringing a new form of interaction to the world takes more than OS integration and an SDK that works in a variety of development environments. It also means building relationships with other developer communities, so that we can introduce the Leap Motion Controller to a wider audience.

Over the past several months, building bridges has been among the top priorities of our developer relations team. There are lots of opportunities for collaboration and integration at hackathons, meetups, and conferences. It’s not just new apps and API integrations that emerge from these collaborations – we also see new ways of thinking about common problems.

In the spirit of building bridges, we want to hear your thoughts on bringing the Leap Motion Controller to new platforms and communities. We’re curious to hear what new integrations you want to see, and other communities we should reach out to. Let us know on our forum thread.

Community Toolkit

Everything you wanted to know about getting started with AS3, but were afraid to ask. Check out Eugene Krevenets’ comprehensive tutorial on working with raw data from the WebSocket and LeapMotionAS3 API.

Iris Classon has a great multimedia tutorial on developing for Leap Motion in C#, complete with video, slides, sample code, and app demonstrations.

To see the latest UI elements and sample code shared by the community, go to the example tag on the Links & Libraries page. You can share your code on the Projects & Collaborations forum.

Forum Highlights

Besides sharing new apps and sample code, the Projects & Collaborations forum is also a great place for developers to form collaborations and teams. This week, we have two community members looking to partner with other developers.

With early work completed on his drum application, yosoycody is looking to hire an experienced Unity developerto bring it to the next level.

We love the trippy vibe of langsound’s latest video, which features a distorted version of The Star-Spangled Banner. He’s been using the Leap Motion Controller to control sound synthesis without need for visual feedback, and is looking for other developers to collaborate on the project.

langsound and The Star-Spangled Banner

The fun continues at Jackson School in Australia, where Mathieu Maruncyzn’s students played with the Leap Flying Demo during free time.

mhuusko5s Kemari challenge

Keep as many Kemari balls in the air as possible for 60 seconds. You can accept mhuusko5’s challenge, but be prepared to lose an hour playing this deceptively simple Chrome app.

Developer Events

GraphConnect Boston

Catalyst Restaurant, 300 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA
June 10-11, 2013
Slater Victoroff will be giving a talk on Neo4j integration with the Leap Motion Controller during this two-day graph database conference.

Are you giving a Leap Motion controller demo? Looking to meet and collaborate with other developers? Post your event notices in the Events & Meetups forum.