It’s been an exciting week for the Leap Motion developer community, and it’s about to get even better. Last week, Highland Capital Partners launched a $25 million investment initiative for entrepreneurs using our 3D interactive technology to change the world. Plus, over the next several days, we will continue to roll out the latest stage of the Leap Motion beta to our developer community.

We’ve also seen lots of exciting developments in the community over the past two weeks, with several outstanding additions to our Community Toolkit. We also have a debut game from a fledgling indie development studio, a new drum app, and an offbeat trailer with ninja throwing stars.

Featured News

Next Beta Phase Opening This Week

Over the next several days, we’re continuing to roll out the latest stage of the Leap Motion beta to our developer community. If you haven’t heard from us already, you’ll soon receive an email with information about how to get started and enter the beta community site. To learn more about what you’ll be able to access, check out our blog announcement.

We’ll also be creating a Feedback tab on the Developer Portal to make it easier for you to give us your thoughts about the developer program. You’ll be able to share your ideas about how we can continue to improve the community, app development, the beta program, or anything else that interests you. For feedback on the beta experience, you’ll use our beta community site.

HCP Launches the Leap Fund™

Last week, Highland Capital Partners launched The Leap Fund, a $25 million investment initiative focused on entrepreneurs that use Leap Motion technology to push the boundaries of human potential. You can apply to receive funding for your world-changing idea – they’re looking for everything from killer apps and embedding into other hardware/software to unique businesses across various industries. Submit your idea.

Community Toolkit

Pohung Chen posted new Unity3D examples using the new touch legacy emulation API and showing how you can use the Leap Motion Controller as a mouse replacement for traditional first-person games.

logotype has updated his LeapMotionAS3 library to include new features from SDK 0.8.0, including the InteractionBox and Device classes.

tylerz posted template projects with the Sample Leap source integrated, so people looking to start using a physics engine can get building immediately.

TimThompson posted a version of MIDI Fingers that supports two MIDI channels – so that each hand controls a separate channel.

Forum Highlights

The first game created by indie developers Crimson Owl Studios, Caromble! puts a new twist on the classic breakout model with 3D art and gameplay.


Adam Somers’ AirBeats is a virtual drum machine that allows you to play along to your favorite beats, or record your own performances with a wide variety of sounds and styles.


Watch the folks at ThirdAxisLabs dust off their acting skills in their debut trailer for ninja-star throwing game Kyoto Ninja.

Kyoto Ninja

Developer Events

Hacker Dojo Meetup

599 Fairchild Dr., Mountain View, CA

Friday, June 28 @ 10 am – 11 pm

EugeneBell is calling on other Leap Motion developers to gather at Hacker Dojo to build and collaborate. RSVP on the forum thread.

Are you giving a Leap Motion Controller demo? Looking to meet and collaborate with other developers? Post your event notices in the Events & Meetups forum.