Following our launch last week, we saw lots of exciting new projects from our community. This week’s newsletter features an electronic musician and beatboxer, a new Unity3D demo, and shooting gestures. Plus, several new additions to the community toolkit, a virtual hand in Blender, and how you can help the creators of Unlock enhance their authentication algorithms.

Featured News

Electronic musician and beatboxer Ryo Fujimoto posted an amazing video showcasing his talents with Geco MIDI – controlling effects with his right hand and synth sounds with his left. Along with the video below, check out the alternate version with more technical wizardry.

Ryo Fujimoto

Developer Labs

Simplified First Person Controller with Object Carrying. In his latest Unity3D demo, Pohung Chen shows how to create simplified first-person camera controls with only a few lines of code.

Simplified First Person Controller with Object Carrying

Do You Feel Lucky? Mathematician Victor Dods outlines how childhood shooting gestures can be incorporated into control schemes with the Leap Motion Controller.

Do You Feel Lucky?

On Developer Labs, you can find deep insights and technical perspectives on Leap Motion projects, natural user interfaces, and developer communities worldwide.

Community Toolkit

Antares’ LeapUDK integrates the Leap Motion Controller with the Unreal Developer Kit.

With projects for the Chipmunk and Box2D physics engines, tylerz’s Cocos2d for OS X provides a simpler alternative to Unity3D. Also working with Box2D, joey4tuna updated his wrapper library to add Leap Motion support.

Theo Armour created a web app that shows all of the data monitored by the Leap Motion Controller in 3D.

Aphex posted a LeapJS cursor library that makes it simple for developers to add 3D interactivity to websites. The library also includes a mouse simulator and early basic support for Sencha Touch applications.

Forum Highlights

Battelle, the creators of Unlock, have asked for the community’s help in improving their biometric authentication app for Windows. You can now download Unlock for free and opt into anonymous data collection. Learn more.

By integrating the Leap Motion Controller with Blender, flier has been working on controlling a realistic virtual hand.

Leap Motion Controller with Blender

ASETNIOP’s DexType, a virtual keyboard designed for Chrome, has graduated from beta and is now available for free download. Check out their new app trailer below, which kicks off with an homage to Minority Report.


We see great discussions every day on the developer forums. This week, we heard some thoughts about a language of gestures, and apps that would allow users to map Leap Motion gestures to keyboard keys.