This week on Developer Labs, get ready to push beyond the boundaries of the flat interface and rethink menu designs. We’ve made some updates to Community Libraries and Airspace Ratings & Reviews, and made our Linux setup package easily available for everyone.

In other news, the deadline for LEAP.AXLR8R submissions is this Saturday – so get your disruptive ideas in now! Plus, a JavaScript-based DJ console, modular robots, an interactive light-up dome, and geoscience. To subscribe to our developer newsletter and get updates through email, click here.

Featured News: December 18, 2013

LEAP.AXLR8R Submissions Deadline

Ready to shake things up? This Saturday at midnight PST is the last day to submit your world-changing idea to LEAP.AXLR8R. Created by SOSventures and Founders Fund, they’re offering $25,000 of seed funding, mentorship, office space, and more. Apply now »

Public Linux Setup Now Available

If you’ve been waiting to make a Linux version of your app available, now is the time. Our Linux setup package is now available to the public alongside our Windows and Mac installers. Read more »

Community Libraries Update

Have you seen our Community Libraries lately? We’ve made it easier than ever to search, browse, and discover new wrappers, libraries, and examples – plus a share button that makes it easy for you to post your projects on the forums. Check it out »

Airspace Ratings & Reviews

Recently, we noticed that older reviews were building up in the Airspace Store, so we added tabs to separate reviews of the current version from the larger list of reviews. We’ve also added new sorting functions to make ratings and reviews more accessible. Read more »

Developer Labs: Rethink Design

Rethinking Menu Design in the Natural Interface Wild West

While experimenting with a variety of menu concepts, our engineers designed a new menu interaction prototype that lets users quickly and intuitively navigate with just one finger. Read more »

Pushing Boundaries in Interaction Design

Inspired in part by Freeform’s menu design and visual feedback techniques, Lucas Goraieb built a fluid, intuitive browsing experience in the recipe sharing app AlltheCooks Recipes. Read more »

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Community Toolkit

Created for London Music Hack Day 2013, this real-time multi-track DJ console was among the winning entries. Built in JavaScript, it uses the Leap Motion Controller to control audio filters and visualizations.

Modular Robotics created a MOSS robot (a modular robot built with a construction kit) with Leap Motion control.

darius updated his Processing library to support Leap Motion SDK 1.0.9.

To see the latest UI elements and sample code shared by the community, check out Links & Libraries. You can share your code in the dev category on our community forums.

Highlights & Innovations

Donovan Buck created a marble game that uses the Leap Motion Controller to manipulate a labyrinth with servos. Check out this in-depth post for his thoughts on the project and Leap Motion interaction.

Kitchen Budapest posted this video showing a 3D motion sculpting app built in VVVV.

In another video from last month’s Devoxx conference, Geert Bevin demonstrates some of his work with GameWAVE and the Leap Motion Controller.

Light at Play’s Radiance Dome is an interactive light-up dome with psychedelic colors that can be controlled with Leap Motion interaction.

Last week, Gena recently presented a live demo at the American Geoscience Union conference showing how the Leap Motion Controller can be used to control hydrodynamic and salinity transport models. Read more »

Developer Events

All about WebGL at SFHTML5

Thursday, January 23, 2014 @ 5:00 – 10:00 PM

Explore digital playgrounds with Leap Motion experience engineer Isaac Cohen, whose talk “Finding (and Making) your Happy Place” focuses on our power to ask emotional questions through code – including WebRTC, the Web Audio API, and Three.js. The event will be livestreamed on Google Developers Live.