Last year, we featured 6 kickass Unity assets with the power to bring your project to the next level. Since we’re giving away five $100 Unity/Unreal asset credits as part of our 2016 developer survey, we thought we’d share some more cool stuff you can buy with cold hard virtual cash. From a community-created Leap Motion UI design asset, to the awe-inspiring glow effect in Blocks, here are 6 more jaw-dropping Unity assets for your next Orion project.

Custom Pointer ($17)

Recently updated for Orion, Custom Pointer lets you turn any Transform or Leap Motion finger into a pointer that can interact with the UI. It also includes classes that work specifically with our Unity core assets – both V2 and Orion.

SE Natural Bloom & Dirty Lens


This one has a special place in our hearts, as it’s the only Unity Store asset that we used while building Blocks. It plays a big part in giving the blocks their ethereal glow.




Using PhysicsRecorder, you can rapidly capture and record the transform values of GameObjects, allowing you to create static animations from real-time physics. This increases performance by baking your physics to animation clips.

ProBuilder Advanced – $95

From prototyping quick levels to building advanced geometry, ProBuilder Advanced overcomes a lot of creative barriers in bringing your vision to life.

Alternatively, Pro-Core’s ProGrids ($20) gives you a visual functional grid, which snaps on all 3 axes, so that objects always snap to the grid. This makes level-building faster and more precise as everything pops into place.

Final IK – $90

This solid inverse kinematics solution was in beta for a year and a half before its full release in January. If you’re looking to create a hand-driven avatar, this is the plugin for you.

Squiggle – $20


Sometimes the best assets are the ones that the user never sees. Squiggle is a general tool that visualizes the way values change over time, which really helps with debugging.

Thanks to /u/yezzer and Doctor Memory for their suggestions. Don’t forget to take the survey for your chance to win Unity/Unreal credit!

Alex is the head writer and blog editor at Leap Motion, where he stands as the final bulwark against bad grammar. Want to share your Leap Motion project? Email or PM leapmotion_alex on Reddit.

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