Looking for the perfect Unity assets for the 3D Jam? Today on the blog, we’ve handpicked six assets that will take your Leap Motion VR demo to the next level.

Avatar Hand Controller for Leap Motion – $5

An extension of the rigged hands and forearms in Leap Motion’s core asset package, this asset allows you to control the actual hands of your properly rigged humanoid character avatar. This can be very useful for certain first-person games (e.g. where the player’s body position can be anticipated) as well as multiplayer games where others will see your entire avatar.


Playmaker – $65

A must-have for designers, artists, or those coming from a non-coding background, Playmaker uses a huge library of prewritten snippets of code to let you start creating interactions and behaviors in a Leap Motion VR scene straight away. Martin Schubert used this asset (along with the next one on our list) when building Weightless.


iTween – Free

Bringing your demo to life shouldn’t be difficult. iTween is a simple, powerful, and easy to use animation system for Unity. It’s great for getting objects moving quickly to create a dynamic, living VR scene.


Shader Forge – $90

For absolutely gorgeous visual effects, you can’t go wrong with this node-based shader editor that lets you create your very own shaders without any code. With tons of options you’ll find everything you need to build unique materials for your Leap Motion VR scenes. The asset includes support for physically based lighting (PBL) and image-based lighting (IBL).

Particle Playground – $70

A framework for extending the capabilities of the Shuriken particle system in Unity. This asset has a huge feature set that lets you create any kind of particle system you can imagine, and with its built-in events system, they can be physically interacted with using Leap Motion hands.


Breakable Glass – Free

One of the great things about VR is that it can take you to fantastic new places of the imagination. On the other hand, it also lets you destroy things! Breakable Glass is a simple free asset containing a glass gameobject that can be broken by a punch from your hands. One of many physics-based assets that can be combined with Leap Motion to create physics-fueled fun that’s impossible with standard controllers.

What are your favorite Unity assets? Let us know in the comments!