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// Kate Mitchell

Faced with the challenge of creating a gritty digital feature film, Dog Eat Dog director Kenny Roy decided to use 3D motion control to replicate live-action filmmaking. His animation studio, Arconyx Animation, is using the Leap Motion Controller with a custom Maya plugin to give the film a “hand-held” tone. It’s a rough-and-tumble motif that […]

Have you ever received an MRI scan back from the lab and thought to yourself, “I’m not sure how even a medical professional could derive any insightful information from this blast of murky images?” You’re not alone. But what if, instead of having your doctor’s obtuse interpretation suffice, you could physically walk through your ailment […]

Music videos have evolved significantly since TRL. Last week, we were thrilled to come across a new release from Darwin Deez called Kill Your Attitude, where the perils of modern love take some truly bizarre emotional and technical twists. Love (literally) becomes a battlefield when Darwin’s angry girlfriend becomes the player in a first-person shooter, taking the central conflict to some vividly imaginative heights as she hunts him down for great justice.

As our physical reality becomes increasingly augmented, creative coders are able to access a whole new trove of intriguing possibilities. Several weeks back, we stumbled upon one such experiment called TACTUM, an unusual combination of projection mapping, motion controls, depth sensing, and 3D printing to create customized wearables. With all that technology, the design process is surprisingly simple – all you need is the light on your skin.

The prospect of existing within the Internet is a concept straight from science fiction, but one we’ve been helping to build for some time. Simply gazing upon the Internet is starting to look a bit ‘90s – but how do you go about constructing a digital universe where 2D and 3D content can coexist in a way that is both seamless and satisfying?

Meet JanusVR, a team of two VR veterans looking to reshape the way you connect to the world and its infinite digital content. Inspired in part by Snow Crash’s Metaverse, James McCrae and Karan Singh sought to build a network of VR portals within which users can collaborate, communicate, explore, and even create new 3D content.

The frustrating thing about raw Twitter data is that it tends to remove the very element that makes the platform so interesting in the first place: the nuance of human sentiment. But what if you could harness the power of that data back with your own two hands, set to music?

A few weeks back, a first-person VR animation experiment hit Reddit. True to form, the ever-investigative VR community immediately began unpacking the possibilities a tool like this could bring to the field of animation. Does virtual reality have the potential to unlock new technical and artistic workflows? What new freedoms (or constraints) does it offer creative professionals? Could this proof of concept be transformed into actual software in the near future?

This weekend, Team Leap Motion made the trip from San Francisco to join over 1500 students at the Pauley Pavilion. Amidst the sleeping bags, Red Bulls, and bleary-eyed jamming sessions, we watched as hundreds of hacks came to life.

Leap Motion soloist? It’s not as strange as it might sound at first. At a recent performance of the Berklee Symphony Orchestra, Muse co-creator Dr. Richard Boulanger played alongside classical horns and strings – in a composition specially written for his virtual musical instrument. Available for Mac and Windows on the Leap Motion App Store, […]

Over the next several weeks, we’re spotlighting the top 20 3D Jam experiences chosen by the jury and community votes. These spotlights will focus on game design, interaction design, and the big ideas driving our community forward.

Created by Andrew Kostuik and Ed Wisniewski at NORCAT’s Immersive Learning Centre, The Crow made a big impression thanks to its beautiful aesthetic and rich open-world concept. You can download the 3D Jam alpha demo or support further development by purchasing the beta at