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// Pohung Chen

When combined with auditory and other forms of visual feedback, onscreen hands can create a real sense of physical space, as well as complete the illusion created by VR interfaces like the Oculus Rift. But rigged hands also involve several intriguing challenges.

Since we released our cross-promotions feature, several developers have taken advantage of this powerful tool to create trial versions of their apps in the Leap Motion App Store. To help you get started, I’ve written a quick sample that integrates the Cross-Promotions API into apps. It’s basically a single GET request – your app simply parses […]

Here’s another first-person character controller I made for the Leap Motion Controller. In this demo, I’m aiming to simplify first-person camera controls by limiting what it can do. In traditional first-person shooters, players have a lot of freedom – you can strafe and look independently. The issue with this is that for non-core players it […]

Here’s a quick and dirty Unity demo showing how you can use the Leap Motion Controller as a mouse replacement for looking around in a traditional first-person control scheme. There is a jumping puzzle that’s there as a skill test to compare the difference between using a mouse and using the Leap Motion Controller. Mouse […]

One of the first things I built is a physics sandbox. Physics sandboxes have always been fun to mess around with even with only keyboard and mouse. With very little time, I was able to start pushing a box around a scene in Unity3D with my fingers. Unity has a 3D physics engine built in, […]