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With just one week until our 3D Jam submission deadline, we’re hosting another Let’s Play session today! At 2pm PST, join us on Twitch TV to see the latest demos and chat with your fellow game lovers.

While we ran into some technical difficulties with our audio setup and framerate last time (sorry about that, folks!) we’ll be up and running with a much stronger rig. To set a reminder, subscribe here, and we’ll email you five minutes before the session begins. While you wait, here are last week’s 3D Jam Let’s Play highlights!

This weekend, we saw 50+ early submissions to the Leap Motion 3D Jam! To celebrate the milestone, we’re hosting a live Let’s Play tomorrow at 4pm PST on Twitch TV – where you can join developers, gamers, and tech lovers to offer your commentary on these early contenders for jam supremacy.

The average human brain weighs about three pounds. Picture three pounds of bees encased in your skull, buzzing out of your ears. You’re welcome. Thankfully, Select 3D Jam Team Three Pounds of Bees has no intention of inducing gamers into this nightmare scenario. Rather, their goal is to bring the power of pollination to your fingertips.

This week, as the global 3D Jam’s Open track continues to heat up, the 16 teams chosen at IndieCade 2014 have been hard at work building 3D experiences for the Select track. One of the teams competing for more than $75,000 in cash and prizes is Lazy 8 Studios with Rhythm Red Alert.

At Leap Motion, we’re working to bring people and technology closer together by building a platform beyond the screen, designed for the original human interface – your hands. We’ve just taken another major step in this direction, with our V2 software pushed for free to devices around the globe.

Hi everyone,

I’d like to take a moment to talk about a series of developments we’ve been working on specifically for virtual reality. The first set involves our existing peripheral device and new things developers can do with it starting today, while the second is a look at some of our next-generation hardware and software efforts that we’re currently building from the ground up for this exciting and emerging space.

The next generation of Leap Motion tracking (Version 2) is now in public beta for developers. V2 retains the speed and positional accuracy found in V1, but the software also now tracks the actual joints and bones inside each of the user’s fingers.

As we continue to build the next generation of Leap Motion tracking, we’re also making improvements to our software and the Airspace experience. With our latest software release, version 1.2, you’ll now find an experimental feature playground, notifications, and significant improvements to HP embedded devices. Take a look inside!

We’ve made some changes to how we ship the Leap Motion Controller globally to customers who purchase from our website. As we continue to build the next generation of our software, we want to streamline how we sell and ship our devices so we can be more efficient. At the same time, we want to […]

This week, ditch the remote and grab the popcorn with Vimeo Couch Mode and Leap Motion interaction – a whole new way to watch high-quality videos. Plus, a fast-paced speed racer that lives in your browser, magical fireflies, an arcade-style dubstep game, and an elegant wooden puzzle.