Beta Update: Next Phase Testing

This week we’re rolling out the latest stage of the Leap Motion beta to our early access developer community. Thousands of developers around the globe will soon be testing the consumer experience to help smooth the rough edges and hunt for bugs.

Over the next several weeks, our beta users will be testing Mac and PC operating system interactions, and Airspace, our app discovery platform. Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll see when the Leap Motion Controller begins shipping on July 22.


During our beta, testers will be able to access:

  • Mac and Windows OS interaction – They’ll be able to scroll and click with simple finger moves, and Windows users can open and navigate metro apps, like a recipe collection or a game, with ease.
  • Airspace Home – The desktop launcher is where all Leap Motion apps will live. This includes other software on the computer that uses a Leap Motion API, like Google Earth.
  • Airspace Store – Browse, buy, and download apps across a wide variety of categories. Users can access the store through Airspace Home.
  • Orientation – Our interactive tutorial, which will run after testers download the Leap Motion software, will help orient them to Leap Motion’s field of view and the zone of interaction when using Leap Motion for the first time.

We look forward to all the feedback from our beta testers, and will keep you posted on our progress.