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Human anatomy is complex in its nature, and people have been trying to understand it since the late Bronze Age. My latest project, the Online Anatomical Human (OAH), is the first of its kind – offering real anatomical data in an online environment with existing linked knowledge and the ability to add and share new information. I describe this data as real anatomical data, because it’s obtained from medical imaging data and is not based on an idealized average anatomy.

In any 3D virtual environment, selecting objects with a mouse becomes difficult if the scene becomes densely populated and structures are occluded. This is a real problem with anatomy models, where there is no true empty space and organs, vessels, and nerves always sit flush with adjacent structures.

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From manipulating molecules to exploring our universe, Airspace offers many science apps covering a wide range of core concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology. Here are six apps that will take students on a journey from microscopic to cosmic.