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// granular synthesis

What if you could twist a piece of sound in the air? With a little knowledge of SuperCollider, you can create your own live electroacoustic music with Greap (Grain + Leap) – an experimental interactive music environment. It started as a research project to investigate the gestural manipulation of sound events, and explore the affordances of open air interfaces.

This year’s Vivid Sydney light, sound, and ideas festival saw the collision of two powerhouse Australian art collectives – Ethno Tekh and Enig’matik Records. Together they built Enigma’Tekh, a whirring system of massive technicolor projections coating the facade of Sydney University.

Today’s software instruments sound incredibly lifelike. Unfortunately, our interactions with these “electronic sounds” are often limited by computer interfaces. With my latest project, I’ve been exploring how the Leap Motion Controller can make our interactions with electronic sounds feel more “direct” and intuitive.