Wave your fingers, paint in the air, and watch your creation appear from nowhere – like magic before your eyes. Last month, at Toronto’s Mini Maker Faire, visitors moved their hands above a Leap Motion Controller to create 3D drawings that appeared instantly on a screen. A short time later, thanks to a 3D printer, their drawings came to life as plastic sculptures.

Created by the designers at Hot Pop Factory, the Maker Faire exhibit brought people of all ages together to experiment with the latest 3D technologies. In this video, you can see little kids reaching out to experience the power of Leap Motion interaction:

By using the Leap Motion Controller to break down the barriers between the Maker Faire visitors and their designs, Hot Pop Factory hopes to make 3D printing more accessible for everyone. “For 3D printing in particular, the Leap Motion Controller is especially interesting – because unlike a mouse, which moves around on a 2D plane, the Leap Motion Controller is specifically equipped to interpret 3D input,” they wrote on their blog.

“We loved seeing how different people approached the sensor and learned to self-navigate our program on their own terms, bringing their own personality.”

The exhibit drew crowds throughout the weekend, including small children, who often understood intuitively how to play with it. Check out some of their creations below:



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