Your world is about to become a lot more interactive. After seeing how you can control almost anything with Leap Motion interaction, we’re celebrating the Internet of Things with a look at current and future technologies. From robots and lighting to animation and design, we’d love to know #WWYL – what would you leap? Tweet us #WWYL @LeapMotionDev to let us know how you’re reaching into 2014.

Also this week, we’re launching our redesigned Developer Labs blog, along with a new YouTube channel just for you. Plus, creating virtual playgrounds with Eddie Lee, two new drone videos, an interactive art installation, and much more. To subscribe to our developer newsletter and get updates through email, click here.

Featured News

New Developer Labs

This week, we made it easier than ever to explore, discover, and share your projects on Developer Labs – including submissions guidelines and easily searchable tags and categories. For the first time, you can even browse a full archive of our newsletters.

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The YouTube Has Landed

Want to see the latest talks and videos from Leap Motion Developer? We’re now on YouTube! Subscribe now to see our latest events and projects.

Leap Motion @ CES

Last week, Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald sat down with Engadget to discuss the future of natural computer interfaces. Check out the full interview below.

Developer Labs

Motion Control and the Smart Environments of the Future

It’s time to fully embrace a change in the way we think about technology and how we use it in our day-to-day lives. Take a walk with Patrick Catanzariti through the smart devices of the future and where Leap Motion technology will make a difference.

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A New Way to Create and Control Digital Animations

Digital animation can be a time-consuming process. Recently, the designers at Second Story experimented with the Leap Motion Controller to show how animators and interactive designers can quickly create organic movements with JavaScript.

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Creating Virtual Playgrounds with Eddie Lee

Discover how Lotus and Kyoto creator Eddie Lee brings together music and play with our latest developer spotlight video.

On Developer Labs, you can find deep insights and technical perspectives on Leap Motion projects, natural user interfaces, and developer communities worldwide. Want to contribute a guest post? Submit your proposal.

Community Projects

Reach into robots. With the new Leap Motion driver for Cylon.js, it’s easier than ever to control a wide variety of devices and hardware platforms.

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Using NodeCopter.js and the Leap Motion Controller, Nick Nisi was able to control a drone through his browser. You can see the source code on GitHub.

To see the latest UI elements and sample code shared by the community, check out Links & Libraries. You can share your code in the dev category on our community forums.

Highlights & Innovations

From UX brainstorming to spherical musings, the community forums are a great place to chat with fellow developers and users. This week’s conversations include a discussion on the Leap Motion visualizer’s sphere and how to reinforce interaction cone boundaries for inexperienced users.

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In a move that clearly foreshadows the coming robotic apocalypse, Chris Matthieu connected an AR drone and the Leap Motion Controller to – allowing a user (or sentient computer mainframe) to control an army of drones.

Create light and music with virtual elastic bands with Resortes – an interactive installation that uses Newtonian physics to create rhythmic harmonies. Watch the video below and post your impressions on the forums.

Created to help legally blind people through sound cues, Yi Zhang’s training board uses voice recognition and auditory feedback to help patients drop pegs into user-designated holes. Solution57 created an experimental Android integration that includes cursor controls and a gesture mode. Share your thoughts about their video on the community forums.

Developer Events

All about WebGL at SFHTML5

Thursday, January 23, 2014 @ 5:00 – 10:00 PM

Explore digital playgrounds with Leap Motion experience engineer Isaac Cohen, whose talk “Finding (and Making) your Happy Place” focuses on our power to ask emotional questions through code – including WebRTC, the Web Audio API, and Three.js. The event will be livestreamed on Google Developers Live.