Want to make a good first impression? We recently highlighted how app menus and settings are crucial to setting the tone for the rest of your app experience. But before your users download your app, they’ll be looking at its Leap Motion App Store profile – and most people will make a purchasing decision within a few seconds.

While our app assets and marketing guidelines and marketing assets are a great starting point, here are five extra tips for ensuring that your app profile stands out from the crowd.

Captivating Tagline

By now, you’ve probably already created a snappy, compelling name for your app. The tagline should round out the story by highlighting a key feature or use. Great taglines often feature verbs (action words), and the action being performed. Here are a few tagline ideas for different types of apps:

  • Games: describe the premise, goal, or distinctive gameplay element (“Fly Through an Exploding Racetrack”)
  • Creative Tools: describe what someone can do or create with the app (“Splatter Paint with Your Fingers”)
  • Education: highlight the subject matter or learning style (“Poke Your Favorite Historical Figure in the Eye”)

Break It Down

People reading on the Internet are like small children at the dinner table – they usually like things to be broken down into small, digestible chunks. With the right structure, your description will be easy to read while highlighting key aspects of the app.

  • Headings outline major aspects of your app’s usage.
  • Paragraphs make it clear what your app does and who your target user is.
  • Bullet points are a great way to outline major features in a concise and easily digestible manner.

Lively, Professional Tone

Just for a second, imagine your app description on the front page of the New York Times. If it doesn’t fit, you must not submit.

  • Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar in app descriptions.
  • Avoid emojis, slang, or inappropriate language.
  • Try showing your app description to a friend or colleague – it’s a great way to catch things that might escape your notice.

Great Visual Assets

High-quality images and videos are powerful tools in showing people why they should download your app.

  • Screenshots accurately capture key aspects of the app, including main menus and images of the app in action.
  • Videos are less than 1 minute in length and effectively highlight the app’s capabilities.
  • Profile images include the app name and indicate the purpose of the app.

Provide a Feedback Path

Are you reaching out to your users? While people can leave ratings and reviews in the App Store, it’s important that they have a way to send other forms of feedback. Otherwise, your page’s Ratings & Reviews section will get cluttered with questions, feature requests, and the occasional error report.

  • Point people to your website, Facebook page, or Twitter.
  • Direct your users to channels where you’re likely to respond promptly. If you only check your Twitter account on Saturdays, it’s not the place for them.
  • Create a post in the community forums about your app to engage directly with your users.

We’ll soon have more tips and tricks for compelling store profiles, including app storytelling and some highlighted app trailer videos. What other aspects of app marketing and promotion would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.

Update 9/12/2014: The Airspace Store is now simply called the Leap Motion App Store.