Sometimes the right asset can make all the difference. With our 2016 developer survey in full swing, we thought we’d share some great assets that you could buy with one of five $100 Unity/Unreal asset credit prizes!

VFX Weather Pack  – $19.99

Whimsical fall leaves, melancholy rain, spooky fog – weather can be a powerful way to set the tone for your virtual world (or give your users Storm-like superpowers). This weather effects pack includes rain, snow, falling leaves, lightning, fog, and dust.

VFX Fire Pack – $19.99


Using the weather and fire packs, Fnordcorps from has been working on integrating different particle effects into Leap Motion hand controls. With a simple hand menu, users can create rain, thunder, lightning, or fire on demand, or even set your hands on fire! Check it out:

Alchemist’s House – $29.99


Create a medieval interior location with this comprehensive pack, including more than 100 assets – walls, floor, ceiling, pillars, stairs, windows, furniture, props, and more. Alchemist’s House features a low poly count to keep performance high.

Showdown – Free

Released in September, Epic’s VR showcase experience takes you through a cinematic, bullet-time inspired action scene. It’s an incredible example of how you can optimize for 90-frames-per-second VR, and the whole project is free for download, including its content library. Grab it from the Learn tab on the Epic Games launcher.

For another fully open source VR project, check out Epic’s DK2 showcase Couch Knights, which handles the joystick-like movement of a small avatar with networking.

Infinity Blade Assets – Free


We’ve mentioned this incredible treasure trove before, but it’s always worth bringing up. Completely free for Unreal development, the 7,600 art and sound assets on the Marketplace represent $3 million in content development. That’s everything from tone set pieces, flowing lava, magic effects, smoke, lightning, and weapons to thousands of raw audio files and sound cues.

Protip: The assets that Epic includes in their tutorials and demo scenes are generally usable for your own Unreal projects. The content example pack is incredible, with destructables, level design, and effects like magic powers.

Thanks to andrewtek, Fnordcorps at, and the amazing getnamo for their suggestions. Take our developer survey by May 8th for your chance to win some sweet credits!

Alex Colgan is the senior director of marketing and developer community at Leap Motion. By transforming how we interact with technology, he believes we can make our world feel more human.

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