Drones humming, robots whirring, brains buzzing – hackathon season is in the air! This week on the blog, we’re featuring highlights from LA Hacks, NeuroGaming, and Game+Hack. (Naturally, we also have some code to share!)

Plus, in community developments: building Leap Motion-enabled Chromecast apps in JavaScript, designing a biomedical model app, and the future of real-time industrial site management. To subscribe to our developer newsletter and get updates through email, click here.

On the Blog

RadioHacktive: Analog Drone, Digital Goodness

What happens when your drone is controlled by a closed-end analog signal? Identify a widespread loophole in modern RC controllers, hijack the frequency, and map it to a Leap Motion Controller of course!

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NeuroGaming: A Brainihack Experience

Developers, designers, and makers gathered at Apportable HQ this weekend to wrestle with ways we can use devices to hack into our neural pathways – from mood bracelets to chair flight.

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Game+Hack: STEM Education Through Gaming

At this weekend’s Game+Hack, NASA-JPL engineer Alex Smith built a Three.js flying demo for Oculus and Leap Motion.

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Robotic Arm + Leap Motion + Bluetooth

Taking their inspiration from a broken robotic arm, LA Hacks finalists Team Armateur decided to bring it to life with Leap Motion, Bluetooth, and an Arduino board.

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Ever thought about developing your own Chromecast app? With JavaScript, you can create your own Leap Motion-controlled TV. Rob Tweed posted a getting started guide for developers on his blog.

Crowded 3D virtual spaces can be nearly impossible to navigate – and in the human body, there is no true empty space. Brendan Polley’s NUI-based educational demo is designed to restore a sense of space to anatomical models.

What will the future of sales and service look like? Salesforce UX designer Brian Jensen shows how site managers might someday triage real-time problems with emerging technologies.

Developer Events

NeuroGaming 2014

City View at Metreon, San Francisco, CA
May 7, 2014 @ 10:30–11:30AM

From neurosensing and haptics, to gesture and voice control, new sensory gaming technologies are transforming gameplay. Leap Motion co-founder and CTO David Holz joins an expert panel to discuss emerging game experiences.

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Decoded Fashion Hackathon & Summit

One Embankment, London, UK
May 10, 2014 @ 10:20–11:00AM

How are the latest technologies changing the retail landscape? Watch Leap Motion’s David Bayliss in a panel discussion on interactive displays, virtual stores, and 3D experiences.

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Music Hack Day

Github HQ, San Francisco, CA
May 17-18, 2014

Hack your way through 24 hours of musical experimentation with programmers, designers, and artists.

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Silicon Valley Virtual Reality

Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA
May 19, 2014 @ 3PM

What are the key challenges behind user input and locomotion in VR? David Holz joins a panel discussion on interaction design, ergonomics, and early device adoption.

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