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// Cade Peterson

It’s #ScreenshotSaturday, and you know what that means – time to take a look at the very latest projects for the 3D Jam. We’re almost at the halfway mark, which means that developers are starting to share early glimpses of their builds. There are already three early entries on our site and we can’t wait […]

Much like sketching the first few lines on a blank canvas, the earliest prototypes of a VR project is an exciting time for fun and experimentation. Concepts evolve, interactions are created and discarded, and the demo begins to take shape. Competing with other 3D Jammers around the globe, Swedish game studio Pancake Storm has shared […]

As the 3D Jam approaches, developers around the globe are already getting a headstart on their projects. Zach Kinstner, the creator behind Hovercast and Firework Factory, has been sharing his latest project through a series of videos – a virtual reality guitar! We caught up with Zach this week to talk about his design process, especially the guitar’s unique combination of visual depth cues.