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Update (6/8/17): Interaction Engine 1.0 is here! Read more on our release announcement: Game physics engines were never designed for human hands. In fact, when you bring your hands into VR, the results can be dramatic. Grabbing an object in your hand or squishing it against the floor, you send it flying as the physics […]

Update (June 8, 2017): The UI Input Module has been deprecated, as 3D interfaces are now handled by the Leap Motion Interaction Engine. Learn more on our blog. Unity Widgets are back – with a new name and massively streamlined functionality! Just released for our Unity Core Assets, the UI Input Module provides a simplified interface […]

In rebuilding our Unity developer toolset from the ground up, we started by rearchitecting the interfaces that receive data from the Leap Motion device. Moving up the tech stack, we then refactored most of the mid-level Unity scripts that pair the Leap hand data with 3D models and manages those representations. Most recently, we’ve moved […]

Update (June 8, 2017): Detection Utilities functions are now best handled by the Interaction Engine (e.g. Camera-Facing Open Hand exists in example scripts in the Interaction Manager). Learn more on our blog. With this week’s Unity Core Asset release, we’ve made a few changes to our Pinch Utilities – including some new features that extend […]

We’ve just released an updated version of our newly overhauled Unity Core Assets for the Orion Beta. Along with major performance improvements and an improved workflow, you also now have access to the first of many add-on modules. There’s never been a better time to upgrade from the older Unity assets for V2 tracking, so […]

The votes are in! Based on community ratings and scores from the Leap Motion team, we’re excited to present the winners of the second annual 3D Jam. This year’s 3D Jam raised the bar with over $75,000 in cash and prizes, and we’re impressed with the imagination and creativity of everyone who participated. With nearly […]

Whether you’re well versed in the VR industry or new to the scene, the number of developers and designers entering the game is astounding. With this wealth of talent and ideas flooding the field, even more immersive and cinematic experiences are starting to be released. Here’s a look at some of our recent favorites from […]

Faced with the challenge of creating a gritty digital feature film, Dog Eat Dog director Kenny Roy decided to use 3D motion control to replicate live-action filmmaking. His animation studio, Arconyx Animation, is using the Leap Motion Controller with a custom Maya plugin to give the film a “hand-held” tone. It’s a rough-and-tumble motif that […]

Looking for the perfect Unity assets for the 3D Jam? Today on the blog, we’ve handpicked six assets that will take your Leap Motion VR demo to the next level.

Ever wanted to set a course for Farpoint Station, punch your robot buddy, and push a spaceship into overdrive? Make it so. Designed as an experimental research project for hybrid interfaces, our VR Cockpit demo is now available for download on our Developer Gallery.