Hi, I’m Bastien Bourineau, project manager and lead developer at OpenSpace3D. For years, we’ve developed OpenSpace3D with the goal to democratize real-time 3D applications and provide a tool for all creative minds, not just developers.

What is OpenSpace3D? It’s a free and open-source platform, designed to create virtual and augmented-reality applications or games. If you’re an infographist, designer, lab researcher, or just someone with a lot of passion and curiosity, you don’t need software development skills to use our platform.

To get started, import your 3D models from your favorite 3D modeller – such as Blender, Sketchup, or 3ds Max – and start building your own 3D application. The app’s visual programming system allows you to link any triggered event to a specific action (such as a gesture activating a sound).

You can also combine devices like the Leap Motion Controller, other motion-control devices, the Oculus Rift, and serial devices like Arduino to prototype interactive designs in a matter of minutes. Our current Leap Motion implementation allows you to use 3D hand, tool, and finger tracking (with or without physics) and gesture detection.

The video tutorial at the top of this post shows how quickly you can create several different types of applications using the Leap Motion Controller. The first example demonstrates how you can visualize hands and fingers to interact with a physical environment, while the second is a 3D model shown on an augmented reality marker and manipulated with Leap Motion gesture recognition.

There are lots of other possibilities that you can explore with this technology, and I’d love to hear what you can do with Leap Motion and OpenSpace3D. You can download the app from our website and check out more of our video tutorials.