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// V2 Tracking

Want to build a compelling 3D interactive experience that anyone can instantly access through their browser? You’ve come to the right place! We just released a new VR demo that makes it really easy to start building right away. Built with Mozilla’s WebVR API, VR Quickstart features position and orientation tracking, Leap Motion interaction, and code that’s been broken down to bite-sized pieces.

Mathematics lies beneath the surface of just about everything – and VR is definitely no exception. If you’re not using our Unity VR assets, we know you’d much rather get started quickly than spend hours tweaking variables and teasing out rotation matrices. That’s why I put together this quick guide to VR essentials. In this post, we’ll cover correcting for distortion, orienting objects and cameras within your scene, and using the Image API for raw image passthrough.

From grabbing robots in a dance club to stroking flower petals, we love designing new interactions that put your hands into new digital landscapes. Featuring just three scenes and a few core interactions, our V2 orientation app Playground was designed to provide users with a quick introduction to the new software’s tracking capabilities – as […]

At Leap Motion, we’re working to bring people and technology closer together by building a platform beyond the screen, designed for the original human interface – your hands. We’ve just taken another major step in this direction, with our V2 software pushed for free to devices around the globe.

Mozilla WebVR + Leap Motion interaction

How pervasive will virtual reality be? VR has the power to fundamentally transform the way we learn, play, share and even browse the web. Mozilla’s recent experiments combining VR and the web pave a path towards virtual presence – pushing beyond disconnected feelings of immersion and bringing us into new places with a life of their own.

Just in time for the 3D Jam, we’ve rolled out an update to our setup guide for Unity, along with a brand-new asset! With Rift/Desktop, your project will be able to recognize whether an Oculus Rift is connected, and set the camera accordingly – allowing for easy access to desktop and VR modes within a single app. Here’s a quick recap of our existing Unity resources, including the new asset.

Ever wondered how a subatomic particle feels as it accelerates through the supercollider on the road to annihilation? From the developer behind Kyoto and Lotus, Collider is a new audiovisual experience that takes you on a journey through a psychedelic vortex of light and sound. Now featuring full head-mounted support for the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2, Collider brings together raw infrared imagery with full 3D immersion – and it’s available free on the Leap Motion App Store.

It’s no secret that for many developers in our community, midnight is the hour when the hacking gets good. Late last Friday night, over 1,000 undergraduates from across the country poured into California Memorial Stadium for Cal Hacks, a 36-hour coding spree put on by Major League Hacking. Sponsors ranging from tech’s biggest players to […]

From gaming to big data, virtual reality gives us the chance to build and explore whole new worlds beyond the screen. As we developed demos and prototypes with the Oculus Rift internally, several UX insights sprung forth. Now that many of you have received your VR Developer Mounts, we thought we’d share.

Since announcing the VR Developer Mount, we’ve heard lots of great questions from developers who are experimenting with virtual and augmented reality. Here are some of the most popular questions we’ve received.