With our thoughts, we make the world.” –The Buddha

Technology has the power to open up new realities. CES 2017 was about making those realities more intelligent, interactive, and human – from imaginary worlds unfolding before our eyes to objects that can talk to you and each other.

Here’s a quick review of our CES journey and what it means for the months and years ahead.

One of our favorite games at CES was Spot the Leap Motion Controller. Our technology was everywhere from virtual concept cars by Volkswagen and Hyundai…

…to demos from headset manufacturers and content creators.

But the best part was the excited reactions we saw from people trying our Mobile VR Platform for the first time:

We also shared some insights on our roadmap and vision for our virtual future:

There was a lot going on at the show floor, but the biggest story from CES was a company that didn’t even have a presence there: Amazon. Their Alexa virtual assistant was a cornerstone in dozens of product experiences designed to make everything in our lives smarter and more responsive, from our homes to our cars.

Technology is becoming invisible, an ubiquitous part of our daily lives, baked into our environment. Click To TweetThe rise of voice recognition is part of a greater movement towards the disappearing interface.

Technology is becoming invisible, an ubiquitous part of our daily lives, baked into our environment. Tiny screens that demand our attention give way to objects and experiences that respond to our humanity. Our faces, our voices, and our hands all have a part in building bridges between human intention and technological power.

Above all, it’s crucial that as VR developers and designers we dare to dream big,

take inspiration from the world around us,

and create experiences that deliver on the true possibilities of our emergent technologies.

VR is more than glorified film – it’s a groundbreaking storytelling medium where the hero’s journey gives way to the interconnected storyworld, where individual agency and a mosaic of perspectives reign supreme.

Rachel Sibley

As VP Product Marketing, Rachel leads our efforts to redefine the VR/AR market. She previously served as Head of Communications for the IBM Design Studios and as a creative consultant in the international art and tech worlds.

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