Patrick Catanzariti loves to play with new technologies and mash them together. Since his recent post about motion control’s place in the smart environments of the future, he’s been tinkering with JavaScript to see how the Leap Motion Controller could be used to control calls on an Android phone. His latest experiment mutes the the ring on incoming calls with the circling of a finger, and even sends a text message to the person calling.



Using a Node server, Patrick bridged the Android device and a very simple web page that calls on LeapJS. When the page is open and he circles his finger above the Leap Motion Controller, it sends the server a request to go silent.

When a call comes in, the phone uses on{X} – an Android app with a JavaScript API – to poll the server and see whether a silence request has come in. If it has, then the phone will mute itself and send a busy message. Patrick has written a full tutorial on SitePoint and posted the code on GitHub for anyone to try and build upon.

The world of physical objects is becoming more interconnected as new APIs for smart devices become available. What sorts of casual touchless controls would you like to see on your phone?