While Airspace has more than 75 apps and continues to grow, there’s even more that you can do with your Leap Motion Controller. Developers around the world have been working with our JavaScript API to experiment with interesting new web experiences.

From particle systems to creative tools, here are five interesting Leap Motion-enabled experiences for the web. Before you try them, make sure your device’s green light is on, and that you have checked the “Allow Web Apps” box in the Leap Motion Control Panel (General tab). We recommend Google Chrome for these apps. Our developers keep making amazing things, and we’ll keep sharing more web and Airspace apps as they come in.

Cabbibo’s Leap


A solar system serves as a gateway into several personal projects created by Isaac Cohen, an experience engineer with Leap Motion. Hold your hand over a planet and pull it into the sun to browse a spiral of cute photos, control sunbeams, explore a universe of sound, and more.

WebGL GPU Particles


Manipulate over a million tiny particles as they sparkle through space in your browser window.



Knife is a particle system that allows you to experiment with the behavior of hundreds of multicolored balls. Play with physics by tweaking variables that include color, friction, time speed, and explosive power.



One of the earliest electronic instruments, the theremin is also a classic touchless device that can now be accessed in your browser. We’d love to hear the eerie music you can create with this virtual theremin – take a video and tweet us with the hashtags #FirstLeap #theremin.

FastKat Leap


In this minigame, you can accelerate at dizzying speeds through space. Avoid the stars and see how long you can last.

We’d love to hear about your #FirstLeap experiences with these web apps. Post your thoughts and pictures @leapmotion. If you’re interested in developing an app or website for Leap Motion, please join our Developer Community and download the free SDK at developer.leapmotion.com.