Desktop computing is taking on a whole new dimension. This week, HP launched the latest generation of embedded Leap Motion™ technology with 11 HP desktop and all-in-one platforms. Now for sale on, these systems are available with keyboards featuring built-in Leap Motion sensor technology. Following the release of the HP ENVY17 Leap Motion SE notebook, it’s the latest step in our ongoing partnership with HP to bring Leap Motion into more spaces than ever.


We believe that touchless 3D interaction will open up a wide range of new immersive experiences for people to explore. Within the eight cubic feet of the Leap Motion Controller’s range, you can reach into games, control your computer, drive a car, play a song, and lots more. By embedding our technology in other devices, we’re creating new spaces of touchless control – so that more of your world will become interactive. By bundling our technology with select HP platforms, more people around the globe will experience the apps in Airspace, the Leap Motion app store.

In September, we took our first step with HP, who launched the HP ENVY17 Leap Motion SE – the world’s first notebook embedded with our technology, now available online and on store shelves. Through hardware optimization and innovation, our engineers were able to design a micro sensor that’s only 3.5 millimeters in height, which is also now embedded in HP’s newest keyboard.

But we’re just getting started. In the future, motion control will become a part of everyday life, with motion-control technology embedded in a wide variety of devices – including tablets, smartphones, interactive kiosks, and head-mounted displays. At the same time, Leap Motion technology will become ubiquitous among desktop platforms. Each step opens the door even wider for people to play, create, and explore in new ways.

Just in time for the holidays, the HP USB Leap Motion Keyboard is now available with the online purchase of select HP desktop and all-in-one platform bundles. Here are the models that now include Leap Motion keyboards when you order online in the US:

Desktop All-In-One:

  • HP ENVY Recline 23 Beats
  • HP ENVY Recline 23 TouchSmart
  • HP ENVY Recline 27 TouchSmart
  • HP ENVY Touchsmart 23
  • HP ENVY Touchsmart 23 SE
  • HP Pavilion 23
  • HP Pavilion 23 TouchSmart
  • HP Pavilion 21 TouchSmart

Desktop PC:

  • HP ENVY 700
  • HP ENVY Phoenix 810
  • HP Pavilion 500

Each computer comes with Airspace and the Leap Motion software preinstalled, along with some great free bundled apps to get started. With these new embedded technologies and over 140 apps in the Airspace Store, there’s never been a better time to reach out and explore the possibilities of touchless interaction. For more details, check out