With virtual and augmented reality on the rise, so is the number of available platforms, input standards, and design paradigms. To harness the force of this horizontal expansion, we have to fundamentally rethink how we interact with VR/AR, in ways that often violate how the physical world works, but align with human expectations on a more fundamental level.

On Monday at GDC’s UX Summit, visionary VR/AR filmmaker and Leap Motion VP Design and Global Creative Director Keiichi Matsuda will take the stage to discuss our explorations in this critical space. As the industry moves toward a unified design paradigm that brings together years of design research, there is a great need to define the laws of a new reality.

Keiichi’s artistic work, including HYPER-REALITY and the upcoming short film Merger, tends to explore the darker side of augmented reality. The future is bright and vibrant, but whether it will be oversaturated and impersonal, or open up new realms of human experience, depends on us. His team’s work at our London design research studio focuses on building a robust, believable and honest vision of a world elevated by technology, with human input at the center.

If you’re in San Francisco at GDC this week and would like to connect with a member of our team, we’d love to explore how we can build the future together. You can reach out via this Typeform.