Robot building, drone hacking, hardware workshops – RobotsConf is a place where hardware and software collide and everything weird, cool, and wonderful about the Maker movement comes to life. Naturally, we had to be there. We travelled to see what people were building at one of the country’s largest robo-gatherings.

We saw a wide range of projects covering almost anything you can imagine. 3D printing models from Freeform. A touchlessly controlled Sphero robot. Laser-printing baseball bats. The 12-year-old creator of Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show controlling a quadrotor with the Leap Motion Controller. Giant clownfish balloons. Afterwards, we saw several Leap Motion projects directly inspired by the event, including Programmarchy’s modular robotic cubelets and albus522′s Sumo Bot. We’ve included some of our favorite highlights below.