This year’s Vivid Sydney light, sound, and ideas festival saw the collision of two powerhouse Australian art collectives – Ethno Tekh and Enig’matik Records. Together they built Enigma’Tekh, a whirring system of massive technicolor projections coating the facade of Sydney University.

To create Enigma’Tekh, the groups collaborated around six ambient themes – fire, water, electric, dark matter, earth, and hi-tech. Each world contains its own distinct color scheme and a creature that the audience could harness with a Leap Motion Controller.

While Ethno Tekh’s lead visual artist Brad Hammond produced the serpentine menagerie darting around the scenes, an expansive palette of six musicians from the Enig’matik label – Auma, Clockvice, Fine Cut Bodies, Ion Driver, Sun In Aquarius, andWoulg – were enlisted to create a multi-layered score for each respective theme. Sound engineer Chris Vik then strung the audio together, letting festivalgoers remix the sound design in real-time with granular synthesis.

The team at Ethno Tekh plans to continue incorporating Leap Motion technology into their growing portfolio of public art, installations, and other creative applications. Keep tabs on their latest projects via Facebook and Twitter.