Today, we rolled out version 1.0.9 of the Leap Motion software, with several changes that will make it easier for you to access, download, and enjoy Leap Motion apps. Here are some of the new features available in the latest update:

6 Additional Languages. To help make Airspace Home feel comfortable and accessible to more people around the globe, we’ve added localizations for German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

New Search Feature. With 125 apps currently in the Airspace Store, keeping track of all the apps in your Airspace Home can be tricky. The latest version of Airspace Home includes search – simply start typing the name of an app to find it quickly.

Easy App Management. We’ve added buttons that let you download all of your apps at once, cancel all pending downloads, or update all apps – so you have more control over your downloads and updates than ever before.

Better Trash Behavior. When you move apps to the Trash, they’ll disappear from the main app area of Airspace Home. You’ll still be able to restore them from the Trash.

Minor Fixes. We’ve also made a number of stability and bug fixes, startup performance improvements, and other small tweaks to streamline your Airspace Home experience.

To upgrade now to the latest version of Airspace Home:

Windows: Access “Controller Settings” from the Airspace Home menu (below left)
Mac: Access “Settings” from the Leap Motion menu (below right)


From there, click on “Check for Updates” (see below). We recommend that you have Airspace Home set to automatically check for updates, so you can enjoy the most up-to-date software.


Update 9/12/2014: With V2, Airspace Home and the Airspace Store are now simply called App Home and App Store.