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Faced with the challenge of creating a gritty digital feature film, Dog Eat Dog director Kenny Roy decided to use 3D motion control to replicate live-action filmmaking. His animation studio, Arconyx Animation, is using the Leap Motion Controller with a custom Maya plugin to give the film a “hand-held” tone. It’s a rough-and-tumble motif that […]

A few weeks back, a first-person VR animation experiment hit Reddit. True to form, the ever-investigative VR community immediately began unpacking the possibilities a tool like this could bring to the field of animation. Does virtual reality have the potential to unlock new technical and artistic workflows? What new freedoms (or constraints) does it offer creative professionals? Could this proof of concept be transformed into actual software in the near future?

LivePainter wants to change how we create animations with a motion-controlled in-browser platform.

From documents to gaming, it seems like we’re always looking for new ways to use the hidden power of the browser. Now, thanks to the LivePainter team, you’ll soon be able to add motion-controlled animation to that list. They want to make it easy for anybody to create animations on the web.

Leap Motion Path is a Second Story lab experiment exploring the use cases for the Leap Motion Controller in the digital animation field. Our objective was to create a tool to capture 3D motion that could be used within an animation platform to control digital content. One of our goals was to record an animation […]

Happy New Year! Today on Developer Labs, raise a glass to 2013 as we cover some of our favorite stories and projects from the past year. Plus, playing GTA V with hand movements, an experimental approach to animation, 3D browsing, and a catapult made from Lego® bricks. To subscribe to our developer newsletter and get […]