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From documents to gaming, it seems like we’re always looking for new ways to use the hidden power of the browser. Now, thanks to the LivePainter team, you’ll soon be able to add motion-controlled animation to that list. They want to make it easy for anybody to create animations on the web.

Controlling a robotic arm to perform real-time tasks can be a real challenge – alternating between a joystick and keyboard. At the LEAP.AXLR8R, Mirror Trainer founder Liz Alessi is using Leap Motion technology to make robotic arms more efficient, natural, and intuitive extensions of our bodies – robots that you could wear like a glove. The robot arm works […]

No surgeon likes to walk away from a patient on the operating table with a tube in their heart. While coronary catheterization can help people with a wide variety of heart problems, physicians are still forced to leave their patient’s side to control the catheter and avoid breaking sterile procedures. But that’s about to change. Thanks to DriftCoast, surgeons may soon be able to touchlessly control cardiac catheters within the operating theater.

MotionSavvy CSO Wade Kellard and his team all have three things in common. They’re students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. They’re deaf. And they’re determined to give a voice to the world’s 70 million other deaf people – one that’s natural, accessible, and affordable.

Could 3D interfaces make it possible for people with eye problems to see in three dimensions? James Blaha has strabismus or “cross-eye,” which means that his brain ignores input from his non-dominant eye. By creating a game that forces your eyes to work together, he hopes to offer a therapeutic virtual-reality solution that makes it fun for people to overcome their amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus with games.

After a stroke or physical injury, the road to recovery can be long and difficult. Physical therapy is a slow process that often takes months before positive effects can be felt. In the meantime, patients are stuck performing dull, repetitive tasks that feel like chores. But what if you could make physical rehabilitation into a game?

If Jackson Pollock painted in a digital medium, what tools would he use? Modern digital art and design tools allow an incredible range of flexibility and control – but often require dozens of steps to accomplish what can be done naturally with paint and canvas. But with newer technologies, it’s possible to further bridge the […]

Today is your last chance to share your feedback and help us shape our roadmap for 2014. Plus, we’ve upgraded our documentation and app review guidelines, as well as added a new feature to Airspace. From giant vibrating strings that explode into light and sound to grainy music you can create with your fingers, we’re […]

Arvind Gupta is the founder of the LEAP AXLR8R and partner at SOSventures. Three months to make our world interactive… ready, set, GO! When we first announced the LEAP AXLR8R, we had no idea what concepts the community of developers, designers and founders would come up with. Far exceeding our expectations, we were floored with […]

This week on Developer Labs, get ready to push beyond the boundaries of the flat interface and rethink menu designs. We’ve made some updates to Community Libraries and Airspace Ratings & Reviews, and made our Linux setup package easily available for everyone. In other news, the deadline for LEAP.AXLR8R submissions is this Saturday – so […]