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Mathematics lies beneath the surface of just about everything – and VR is definitely no exception. If you’re not using our Unity VR assets, we know you’d much rather get started quickly than spend hours tweaking variables and teasing out rotation matrices. That’s why I put together this quick guide to VR essentials. In this post, we’ll cover correcting for distortion, orienting objects and cameras within your scene, and using the Image API for raw image passthrough.

As any interaction designer knows, there’s rarely only one right answer, but there are usually about a million wrong answers. That’s why we’ve been experimenting with a variety of interaction models, including camera controls for Three.js.

Built in Unity over the course of five weeks, Volcano Salvation lets you change your perspective in the game by turning your head from side to side. This approach to camera controls – facial recognition via webcam – makes it easy for the player to focus on the hand interactions.