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Ever wondered how a subatomic particle feels as it accelerates through the supercollider on the road to annihilation? From the developer behind Kyoto and Lotus, Collider is a new audiovisual experience that takes you on a journey through a psychedelic vortex of light and sound. Now featuring full head-mounted support for the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2, Collider brings together raw infrared imagery with full 3D immersion – and it’s available free on the Leap Motion App Store.

With one of the largest Leap Motion communities on the planet, Japan is an incredible source of 3D interactive creations. A photo hackathon of epic proportions. Three unique web apps. Two Airspace experiments from game designer Eddie Lee. A Leap Motion-driven industrial album and biometric beatboxing. And that’s just scratching the surface!

When we joined artists and coders at Google San Francisco last week to talk about the future of the web, the consensus was clear: it’s time to truly unleash our creativity. Beneath our browsers is a robust engine waiting to break free. It’s more than a place to consume media and speedread viral headlines – it’s a platform to heighten our senses and challenge our minds.

I’m Isaac, and I’m an experience engineer at Leap Motion. I work exploring a newly discovered relationship with our hands. I’m intensely interested in communing with digital nature, and the tools that I use are Three.js, Web Audio API, and most of all, Leap Motion. Most of what I have done can be found at where I have been working on constructing my own personal Ice Kingdom.

Eddie Lee experiments with light and sound to build strange and wonderful playgrounds of the mind – from the moonlit river of Kyoto to the synesthetic delights of Lotus. Check out some of Eddie’s creative process in our latest developer spotlight video.

At last month’s App Developers Conference (ADC), Funktronic Labs founder Eddie Lee discussed a variety of best practices for 3D input and hand motion controllers like the Leap Motion Controller. Lee is the creator of Lotus and Kyoto – free experimental Airspace games that feature stunning visuals and fluid interaction design. During the talk, he breaks down the […]