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Leapouts is a collaborative 3D model builder, controlled with Leap Motion interaction, that runs inside a Google Hangout. We’ve made a demo available for you to try at But how did we build it over a weekend without ever having used the Leap Motion API, Firebase, or Three.js before?

Around the world, artists and developers are using the Leap Motion Controller to break down the boundaries between art and human beings. This week on Developer Labs, we have a table transformed into a musical instrument, creative software reinvented, and how artists are using motion control to change how we experience art. Plus, highlights from […]

Games, virtual reality, news aggregators, e-commerce, and even a development library built on top of LeapJS – these were just a few of the cool projects we saw at last month’s #ATXHack2014. Working with Compare Metrics, we brought together about 25 developers, hackers, and designers to build prototypes of next-generation interfaces. The finalists are being […]

PennApps is a meeting place for dedicated hackers ready to camp out for 48 hours straight of experimentation, coding, and a lot of energy drinks. We saw an impressive array of Leap Motion hacks built throughout the weekend, and when it came down to choosing the winner of the Leap Motion API prize, it was almost impossible to decide.

What do 3D printers and analog clocks have in common? Find out this week on Developer Labs with a retro art experiment and how hardware hacking can change the world. Plus, three young developers on building apps for Airspace, text input interfaces, augmenting the web, and robotic learning. To take control of your own hardware integrations, check […]

This week on Developer Labs, take the power of flight into your own hands with a Node.js control system for quadcopters, reach into the newly released plugin system for LeapJS, and control a holographic crystal pyramid designed with WebGL. Plus, sign up for a brand new Leap Motion hackathon in Austin.