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We learned so much on the ground with our developer community in 2014. Translating soothing gestures into meditative brainwaves on EEGs. Springing drones to life. Navigating new ways of thinking about user interfaces in VR.

You’ve built incredible things this year, and along the way, we’ve based many of the experiments, resources, and examples found in the Developer Portal on your feedback and feature requests. We can’t wait to keep that conversation going in the New Year. And now, for a bit of inspiration, behold – our 2014 Shortlist of Virtual Superlatives:

From building together in Google Hangouts to reimagining classic games, reach into the future with student projects from the PennApps hackathon. Plus, an Oculus Rift-enabled example that lets you beat up a dummy. Also new this week, we have a library for AngularJS, playing piano and mixing beats in the air, and a huge virtual-reality battleship game.

This week on Developer Labs, take the power of flight into your own hands with a Node.js control system for quadcopters, reach into the newly released plugin system for LeapJS, and control a holographic crystal pyramid designed with WebGL. Plus, sign up for a brand new Leap Motion hackathon in Austin.

TVO’s IdeaShaker Innovation Lab explores emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt learning. They’re the creators of the free educational app Caterpillar Count, which was originally built with web technologies. Web apps are great – people on a variety of platforms can access them instantly, there’s no need for users to upgrade to the […]

What does a three-dimensional slice of a four-dimensional object look like? A crowd of 300 gathered at the HTML5 Developer Conference on Tuesday night to explore how our Leap Motion SDK can answer this question and many more, as the future of Web3D crystallizes before us. Our monthly meetup series in San Francisco strives to […]