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The frustrating thing about raw Twitter data is that it tends to remove the very element that makes the platform so interesting in the first place: the nuance of human sentiment. But what if you could harness the power of that data back with your own two hands, set to music?

Tomorrow in Montreal, audience members at the IX Symposium will see one of Jupiter’s moons appear inside a 60-foot dome. But this isn’t something you can find in a telescope – it’s a trippy virtual environment with stark geometric shapes and classical forms.

When Craig Winslow and Justin Kuzma paint interactive digital media directly onto the physical world, your senses feast in unexpected ways. Last fall, they delivered Growth, an immersive forest of trees you could manipulate and command with your hands in the air. Their most recent Leap Motion installation, ZX, went up this February in Vermont, […]

Earlier this year, visitors to Champlain College in Vermont discovered a strange shape emerging from the snowy campus courtyard. Created by Craig Winslow and Justin Kuzma, the duo behind last year’s immersive forest experience Growth, ZX is a 10-foot geometric structure that combines projection mapping with Leap Motion technology. Recently, we caught up with Craig […]

Interactive art helps us extract impulses from our brains, thread by thread, and enact them in the world. Music takes this medium into mind-bending heights. What if we were able to transform any surface into a living, breathing musical instrument? Emerging designer and musician Felix Faire recently did just that with Contact, an acoustic Leap […]

We’ve talked about the magic of WebGL before – how it unleashes the power of the web to do incredible things in 3D. With this latest experiment from Bartek Drozdz, you can reach into your browser and play with a variety of cool visuals to music. A liquid gem, cityscape, spherical lines, and more, all […]

Ever since the first human stacked one brick onto another, architecture has been concerned with creating immovable things. Even with the rise of smart interconnected environments – where lights, heating, doors, and other systems within a building all work together – the physical structures of our buildings remain the same. As a result, the movements […]

By letting people reach into thin air and create huge changes from tiny actions, interactive art exhibits can break down the barriers between art and audience. Last week, we looked at two recent art installations to use the Leap Motion Controller to challenge how we interact with nature and technology. Here are four more exhibits that made waves in 2013.