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With the 3D Jam just around the corner, we thought we’d give you a headstart – with a full guide to the very latest resources to bring your to life. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about our integrations and best practices for augmented and virtual reality, desktop, and the Internet of Things. A […]

Among developers, interactive designers, and digital artists, Processing is an enormously popular way to build compelling experiences with minimal coding. We’ve seen hundreds of Leap Motion experiments using Processing, from Arduino hacks to outdoor art installations, and the list grows every week.

James Britt, aka Neurogami, is the developer behind the LeapMotionP5 library, which brings together our Java API with the creative power of Processing. He’s just rolled out a major update to the library, including a new boilerplate demo and a demo designed to bridge hand input with musical output. We caught up with James to ask about the library, his latest examples, and how you can get started.

The prospect of existing within the Internet is a concept straight from science fiction, but one we’ve been helping to build for some time. Simply gazing upon the Internet is starting to look a bit ‘90s – but how do you go about constructing a digital universe where 2D and 3D content can coexist in a way that is both seamless and satisfying?

Meet JanusVR, a team of two VR veterans looking to reshape the way you connect to the world and its infinite digital content. Inspired in part by Snow Crash’s Metaverse, James McCrae and Karan Singh sought to build a network of VR portals within which users can collaborate, communicate, explore, and even create new 3D content.

One of the most powerful things about the Leap Motion platform is its ability to tie into just about any creative platform. That’s why we’ve just launched a Platform Integrations & Libraries showcase where you can discover the latest wrappers, plugins, and integrations.
Our first featured integration is Vuo, an extraordinarily flexible visual programming language for developers and designers. There are already 6 Vuo examples for on our Developer Gallery, which include Mac executables and project files – so you can download, import, and see how they all fit together. Recently, we caught up with Jaymie Strecker, one of the key developers on Team Vuo.