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Digital technologies in the operating room can be powerful tools for surgeons, but only as long as they can be controlled without compromising sterile procedures. In the last of our AXLR8R spotlight videos, DriftCoast co-founder Hua (Michael) Chen talks about how he was inspired to use Leap Motion technology to open up new interactive possibilities within the OR. Their […]

By creating a game that forced his eyes to work together, cross-eye sufferer and game developer James Blaha has been working to overcome his condition and retrain his brain with the power of gamification.

While truly smart digital assistants are still on the horizon, recent advances in voice recognition and control technologies are taking us closer to sci-fi dreams like Iron Man’s AI JARVIS or Her’s Samantha.

Anastasiy and Crispy Driven Pixels envision a simple, easy-to-use artistic interface that lets you create almost anything you can imagine with just your hands in the air.

LivePainter wants to change how we create animations with a motion-controlled in-browser platform.

Experimental headsets are changing how we see the world, either by creating the virtual worlds of our imaginations or adding ghostly layers on top of the real world. At the LEAP.AXLR8R, GetVu’s vision lies between these two extremes – an augmented reality platform where 3D models appear to exist in real space, amongst real objects.

Could physical therapy be fun, addictive, and stress-free? Last month, LEAP.AXLR8R founder Arvind Gupta showed how Ten Ton Raygun is gamifying the road to recovery for stroke and accident victims. Along with fellow AXLR8R developer Diplopia, they believe that motion control and game mechanics are a powerful combination in overcoming health issues. In our latest spotlight video, Ten […]

Imagine a fully interactive augmented reality – an extra layer on top of our world that we can see, grab, and control. At the LEAP.AXLR8R, GetVu is exploring the boundaries of augmented reality with a platform that combines computer vision with human vision in a wearable device. With Leap Motion interaction, they envision a future […]

From documents to gaming, it seems like we’re always looking for new ways to use the hidden power of the browser. Now, thanks to the LivePainter team, you’ll soon be able to add motion-controlled animation to that list. They want to make it easy for anybody to create animations on the web.

Controlling a robotic arm to perform real-time tasks can be a real challenge – alternating between a joystick and keyboard. At the LEAP.AXLR8R, Mirror Trainer founder Liz Alessi is using Leap Motion technology to make robotic arms more efficient, natural, and intuitive extensions of our bodies – robots that you could wear like a glove. The robot arm works […]