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No surgeon likes to walk away from a patient on the operating table with a tube in their heart. While coronary catheterization can help people with a wide variety of heart problems, physicians are still forced to leave their patient’s side to control the catheter and avoid breaking sterile procedures. But that’s about to change. Thanks to DriftCoast, surgeons may soon be able to touchlessly control cardiac catheters within the operating theater.

Could 3D interfaces make it possible for people with eye problems to see in three dimensions? James Blaha has strabismus or “cross-eye,” which means that his brain ignores input from his non-dominant eye. By creating a game that forces your eyes to work together, he hopes to offer a therapeutic virtual-reality solution that makes it fun for people to overcome their amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus with games.

If Jackson Pollock painted in a digital medium, what tools would he use? Modern digital art and design tools allow an incredible range of flexibility and control – but often require dozens of steps to accomplish what can be done naturally with paint and canvas. But with newer technologies, it’s possible to further bridge the […]

Eddie Lee experiments with light and sound to build strange and wonderful playgrounds of the mind – from the moonlit river of Kyoto to the synesthetic delights of Lotus. Check out some of Eddie’s creative process in our latest developer spotlight video.

Bernard Drax is the man behind the Drax Files, a mixed reality YouTube channel that combines real-life interviews with in-game machinima to showcase the creations of Second Life. Launched out of Linden Lab in 2003, Second Life allows designers, developers, musicians, social activists, and historical reenactors across the world to pull ideas directly out of their imaginations and into virtual reality. The software is embedded with 3D modeling tools, allowing seasoned innovators like Drax to push the boundaries of space, form, and light. According to Drax, the capacity for immersive navigation in true 3D space has been missing in the span of his seven-year residency. Until now.

This week, indie developer HESAW’s Mafia-themed PC rail shooter Blue Estate Prologue made a big splash in the Airspace Store. Free for a limited time and designed exclusively for the Leap Motion Controller, it puts players into the shoes of a trigger-happy mobster who shoots his way through outlandish locations including a burlesque show and […]

Game designers around the world have been inspired by the Leap Motion Controller’s incredible speed and accuracy to create games that take advantage of our unique 3D interaction technology. Last week, we caught up with Patrick Hackett – a game designer with popular indie developer Double Fine Productions – about his creative process in developing […]

Adam Somers is always trying to discover and develop new tools to use for music performance. His passion for interaction with electronic instruments led him to create Air Harp. Just like a real harp, it relies on the finest level of precision and responsiveness. It understands every finger pluck and every hand nuance to make […]