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Digital technologies in the operating room can be powerful tools for surgeons, but only as long as they can be controlled without compromising sterile procedures. In the last of our AXLR8R spotlight videos, DriftCoast co-founder Hua (Michael) Chen talks about how he was inspired to use Leap Motion technology to open up new interactive possibilities within the OR. Their […]

While truly smart digital assistants are still on the horizon, recent advances in voice recognition and control technologies are taking us closer to sci-fi dreams like Iron Man’s AI JARVIS or Her’s Samantha.

LivePainter wants to change how we create animations with a motion-controlled in-browser platform.

Whether taking aerial photos, delivering books, or flipping through the air for fun, quadrotor drones are now more popular than ever. At the same time, developers are continually experimenting with new ways to control them. Here are four videos from Leap Motion developers who hacked quadrotors to create touchless motion-controlled flying machines.

When digital art and physical sculptures are melded together, the resulting creation can be spectacular and strange. Recently, visitors to an exhibition at Eyebeam, an NYC-based art and technology center, discovered what happens when you throw 3D interaction into the mix. You become an artist yourself – creating between the real and unreal. You become […]

Hello again! I’m Bastien Bourineau, project manager and lead developer at OpenSpace3D, and I’m back to introduce the new OpenSpace3D release with improved Leap Motion support – including how we got around the perennial indexing issue. Last time, we saw how you can easily build 3D interactive environments using our free, open-source platform – designed with […]

In the early 20th century, a radical modernist art movement known as Vorticism erupted in Britain but soon withered after the First World War. Recently, I was asked to design a response to this short-lived movement, and I decided to focus on how I never have enough time to do anything.

When you think about it, time can be a very annoying aspect of life. Waiting, wasting, loitering, queueing, decaying, inefficiency, biding, aging, being late – these are all things that irritate me. I blast time!

What can you make with a Leap Motion Controller, some plexiglass, and the magic of WebGL? Over the course of three weeks, a team of students at Stockholm’s Hyper Island created a haunting interactive illusion – where people could reach out and command virtual objects sealed in glass. They named it Calderan.

When a volcano erupts, a large, sunken crater called a Caldera is left in its wake. They are desolate and otherworldly voids, seemingly stolen from a post-apocalyptic future where – left with a blank canvas – we are suddenly faced with the challenge of reconstructing our environment completely from the ground up. But if we […]

Today’s software instruments sound incredibly lifelike. Unfortunately, our interactions with these “electronic sounds” are often limited by computer interfaces. With my latest project, I’ve been exploring how the Leap Motion Controller can make our interactions with electronic sounds feel more “direct” and intuitive.