Earlier today, indie studio HE SAW launched the full version of Blue Estate, the darkly funny rail shooter based on the critically acclaimed comics series. Featuring hours of new gameplay, new enemies, and the most ridiculous mob bosses you’ve ever seen, the game is now available on PC for the Leap Motion Controller on our App Store.


With its wicked wordplay and gunpowder atmosphere, Blue Estate Prologue made a big first impression when it launched for the Leap Motion platform in 2013. Since then, HE SAW has continued to build on their adaptation of the Eisner Award-nominated comics series. With releases for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Blue Estate is making its big return to the PC with a fully realized game.


Across seven levels of mayhem, players fight through a variety of rival gangs and outlandish locations. The story is about Tony Luciano, the son of a powerful Mafia don who starts a war with a rival gang after his girlfriend is kidnapped. The situation quickly gets out of control when Eastern European mobsters steal a million-dollar ransom for Tony’s father’s favorite racing horse. Along the way, a dishonorably discharged ex-navy SEAL is brought in to resolve the situation – no matter who has to die.

Motion controls are a fundamental part of the Blue Estate experience, as you shoot your enemies by pointing at them, take cover by spreading out your fingers, and reload by swiping your finger down.

Next Tuesday at 10am PT, the creators of Blue Estate will be featured on our Twitch channel for a live interview and play session. (We’ll also be rebroadcasting the episode at our regular 5pm time.) This is a unique opportunity to dive into the minds of game developers who are exploring the limits of motion controls for the first-person shooter genre. Tune in and sign into Twitch to ask your questions in the live chat!


Epilogue: Twitch TV

For your viewing pleasure, here’s our feature interview with Viktor Kalvachev:

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