Get ready for the next big leap. Today we revealed a new micro sensor that allows our technology to be embedded in a wide variety of devices – and the first one is coming soon. Today HP announced the HP ENVY17 Leap Motion Special Edition (SE), the world’s first notebook embedded with our 3D motion control technology. Going on sale in the next few weeks, it’s a huge step forward for our platform, and opens up a world of possibilities for our user and developer communities.

When we developed the Leap Motion software and hardware, we always envisioned taking our technology beyond the Leap Motion Controller that plugs into your laptop or desktop. That day has finally arrived. Because the power of Leap Motion is really in the software, the hardware components can be small and simple – without sacrificing performance. As a result, our technology has the potential to be embedded in a wide variety of devices, and we’re excited to get started. In addition to the notebook announced today, HP plans to embed Leap Motion’s technology into more products soon.

We believe the future lies in transforming how people interact with all sorts of technology – making the interface disappear, so that interactions can become truly seamless. Embedding our technology – including Airspace, the Leap Motion app store – into everything from keyboards and tablets to smartphones and head-mounted displays is an important part of that journey.

While the Leap Motion Controller’s hardware is already quite small, we realized we would need to make it even smaller to fit inside other devices. Our hardware engineers designed a new micro sensor that’s only 3.5 millimeters in height (less than half the height of the controller) – making it the smallest embeddable 3D motion control technology on the market.

Check out these previews of the HP ENVY17 Leap Motion SE and our new micro sensor technology:


The new Leap Motion micro sensor technology will be embedded below the keyboard on the HP ENVY17 Leap Motion Special Edition, allowing easy 3D control for all your favorite apps. Popular app categories include gaming, making music, and education.


Users turn Leap Motion’s technology on and off by selecting function+space bar. An integrated status LED will light up when Leap Motion is active. Leap Motion-enabled HP devices are identifiable by the Leap Motion logo and unique IR sensor window.


Our embedded micro sensor technology is less than half the height of the Leap Motion Controller, with the same power and precision.


Only 3.5 millimetres high, the new micro sensor (middle vs. the Leap Motion Controller on left) is the smallest embeddable 3D motion control technology on the market.

The HP ENVY17 Leap Motion SE will go on sale in the U.S. Oct. 16 for a starting price of $1049.99. Airspace Home will be pre-loaded on the notebooks, and will come bundled with five apps: Boom Ball, Jungle Jumper, Dropchord, Disney Sugar Rush, and Jack Lumber, an HP-exclusive app. Stay tuned to the Leap Motion blog for future embedded device updates.

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