What if music was a physical material? Not just sounds in the air, notes on a page, or numbers in a program, but a 3D structure that can unfold and spring to life?

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The votes are in! Based on community ratings and scores from the Leap Motion team, we’re excited to present the winners of the second annual 3D Jam.

This year’s 3D Jam raised the bar with over $75,000 in cash and prizes, and we’re impressed with the imagination and creativity of everyone who participated. With nearly 2,000 developers registered from over 90 countries, we saw close to 200 final submissions.

Our international 3D Jam Tour swept us to more than 20 cities in 6 countries – and with exciting updates in store for 2016, we can’t wait to see you all again! And now, here are this year’s winners:


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Whether you’re well versed in the VR industry or new to the scene, the number of developers and designers entering the game is astounding. With this wealth of talent and ideas flooding the field, even more immersive and cinematic experiences are starting to be released.

Here’s a look at some of our recent favorites from the community.

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With such a strong global community, we see a stream of creators building and sharing new content all the time. This week, we wanted to showcase some community projects that you may not have seen yet.

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From the moment we’re birthed, we begin to move. We move by virtue of our legs, our bodies, the motion of our arms and hands, the intricate articulation of all of our fingers. Each of these movements correlates with synaptic connections in the brain and provides the rich landscape required for exponential neuronal growth. We as a species are constantly engaged in the process of using our bodies to interface with this world.

Why then in school, beginning in our first years of elementary school, do we allow this integral part of our development to get shut down? Why don’t we leverage the full potential of the human body to engage in discovering, experiencing, and embodying knowledge?

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Ready to take a dive on the wild side, or just relax and fly a kite? Today in the last of our 3D Jam spotlight series, check out these VR demos that take you to the edge and leave you breathless.

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Want to float through an alternate dimension, fly an airplane, or just shoot some hoops? Check out these 17 3D Jam VR demos that will take you to new worlds.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is upon us. Everyone is having Star Wars fever, including me.

What I wanted to do is to find the easiest way to control a lightsaber just like they do in the movies. I bought my son a lightsaber toy at Toys ‘R’ Us, and wanted to introduce him to the world of Star Wars. (He’s 5 years old by the way.) I thought of different ways to do the trick, like hanging it on a ceiling and using gravity to pull down a lightsaber. Or maybe using strings to pull down and make it like a puppet.

Already being familiar with JavaScript, I started to look into NodeJS this year wanting to learn new technology. I was surprised to find out that there’s this emerging trend called NodeBots – using NodeJS to build robots. That sparked my interest. I’ve always wanted to learn about robotics but never had a chance. This is a good way to learn both.

I came across two frameworks – Johnny-Five and CylonJS. Johnny-Five makes it easy to work with NodeBots, while CylonJS has a bunch of platforms that can connect to NodeJS. And I was hooked. One of the platforms that CylonJS connects to is Leap Motion, and the idea came up. What if I used that to control my lightsaber? But then, how to make the thing move by itself?

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This year marks the 120th anniversary of L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat, an early piece of silent film footage that astonished (and by some accounts even terrified) its audience. Points of light on a canvas transformed into mortal fear. Since then, technology and technique have evolved in tandem – bringing us into greater heights of action and suspense, into deeper wells of horror and despair. For a couple of hours, our consciousness is swallowed up by the screen.

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Are these the droids you’re looking for? Check out educational 3D Jam demos that take you to the center of the earth, or into the human body. Plus, 7 IoT experiments that bring us just a little closer to the future, including an experimental wheelchair.

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