Whether you want to battle an implacable mountain or fast-moving web goblins, the 3D Jam has you covered! Check out 12 more desktop games, including a divine music game and table hockey reimagined.



Pit your elite table hockey skills against a robotic opponent.

Requires: Windows, Mac

Burger Flip


Created by longtime full-stack engineer Joe Janiga (@joseph_janiga), Burger Flip was “developed for pro gamers. Ya know those hard working gals and guys? They come home from the office after a long day of competitive MOBAS and just want to flip hamburgers to take their minds off of their Elo rating.” Now they can flip burgers and avoid the hot spots on the grill.

By night, Joe is an aspiring indie game dev working under the moniker Fire Hazard Entertainment. He loves NodeJS & C#, hates Simple Object Access Protocol, and is currently working on an online real-time multiplayer platformer to debut late next year.

Requires: Windows, Mac, Linux


Swipe at a cute gnome to make him fly through the field goal or slide into the endzone! Created by video game design teacher Brian Foster (@brianfoster), GnomeBall includes fun touches like two-player mode and having the crowd do The Wave when you score a touchdown.

“The excellent part about the Leap Motion Controller is that anyone can try it,” says Brian. “I have many friends who aren’t comfortable with a controller – but there are no buttons with the Leap Motion and nothing to pick up.” Brian recently founded Quickdraw Studios, a game company that aims to virtual reality in custom-themed arcade cabinets around Wichita, Kansas.

Requires: Windows, Mac


In Godly, you play a god who takes care of a girl by playing music to modify the world. Spoiler alert: at some point, you get to decide if you want to break divine law for the sake of the girl, or accept what has happened – a choice that will affect your destiny as well.

Daniel Wilches has been a software developer for roughly 14 years, and currently develops games for his PhD research studies. “I especially like this kind of programming because you can mash up graphical art, music, and programming, so now I’m trying to get better at the art part in order to create even better games.”

Requires: Windows, Mac, Linux

Good Morning


Created by UX/UI designer Aaron Faucher (@f0sh_), Good Morning is an experiment in visual affordance. The experience is centered on two objects essential to the 21st-century morning experience: the coffee mug and the smartphone.

“The coffee mug, designed to sit comfortably in the physical human hand, presents novel challenges when represented in virtual space,” he says. “Good Morning’s dry, spacious ambience encourages meditation on the complexity of replicating a simple physical act (holding a coffee cup) in the future environment of AR/VR. Meanwhile, notifications pour out of the adjacent smartphone. Will the digital future proposed by AR/VR be stimulating, or overwhelming?”

Based in Chicago, Aaron’s work is focused on augmented reality and affective computing. He heads up the “UX/UI for AR/VR” initiative at design bootcamp Designation Labs (@designationio) and produces music as Pride & Joy.

Windows, Mac

Grandmas And Goblins grandmas-and-goblins-sm

The people of your town have been transformed into grandmas and goblins! Punch the attacking goblins but don’t hit the grandmas in this web-based game.

Warning: the ending screen has a slight screen flicker, which may be a problem to people with epilepsy.

Green Thumb


Anyone who has ever grown a garden knows that it takes time, patience, and hard work to get a flower to grow. But what if you had all the power in your hands to grow flowers instantly? In this world, the slightest touch causes plants to grow, so you can cultivate your virtual garden.

Green Thumb was created by game developer MJ (@codemaster1617) and Jacob Getz, who both hail from Austin. MJ is a gameplay scripter at Certain Affinity with experience in everything from VR to the Virtuix Omni. Jacob works in Operations at the Texas Advanced Computer Center. A frequent game jammer, he composed the music.

Requires: Windows

Leap Kick!


Play a goalkeeper and try to stop all the balls you can. The balls are fired randomly from a cannon, so be quick and rack up as many points as possible.

Requires: Windows, Mac

Leap Mountain


In the world of gaming, conflict often centers on enemies trying to kill you. But in the world of mountain climbing, there is no enemy – only yourself! Leap Mountain is a survival test where you must take the climb one handhold at a time, or risk a hilarious (but painful) death sequence. Based in Sydney, Australia, indie developer Mode Games previously built three games for the Kinect and is now turning towards building with Leap Motion and VR.

Requires: Windows, Mac

LEAP To The Future

The date is October 21, 2015, and your hoverboard is ready to go! Created in the last 5 hours of the 3D Jam, LEAP To The Future combines ‘80s retrofuturism with 3D steering controls. The game was built by Finn Staber, a programmer/designer at Portalarium working on Shroud of the Avatar, who also helped as a programmer on 4 other teams during the Jam.

Finn is one of the leading proponents of AR & VR development in the Austin tech scene, and has helped launch multiple successful tech startups. He organizes tech meetups for the Austin Unity developer group, and has helped the VRAustin meetup group grow to the tip of the VR spear. Finn has a diverse background in animation, voice acting, tech-art, 3D modeling, music, interactive design, computer science, and has given talks on building with Leap Motion and Unity.

Requires: Windows

Mr. Box


Mr. Box is going through a bit of a rough patch in his life, and although he’s too proud to admit it, he’s in need of some help. As a worker at an unemployment office, you’ll find that he may come off a bit prickly at first, but he has a lot to offer once you get to know him.

“One thing I’ve learned over my career so far is that it’s super rare to find other people who treat the work as a truly collaborative effort,” says co-creator Bryant Drew Jones (@sprybry). “It’s almost like searching for a spouse. When you do find that special someone who you adore working with, hold onto them tight and never let them go!”

Bryant found that special person in Diego De la Rocha (@diegodelarocha), an ex-hardcore gamer who has been involved in animation for over 6 years. Bryant runs indie studio Artbit with another longtime collaborator.

Requires: Windows, Mac


Span is a twitchy arcade game where you must prevent lines from escaping by eating them with your fist. The more you eat, the more complex you become, increasing the difficulty and your score. If you lose all of your sides, the game ends! Span was created by @henwuar and @jctwood, a pair of student programmers who have been jamming for four years and love creating small, polished experiences with strange graphics and sound.

Requires: Windows

Alex Colgan is the senior director of marketing and developer community at Leap Motion. By transforming how we interact with technology, he believes we can make our world feel more human.

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