Last week, we showed you five websites that have been designed for 3D interactivity. Today, we’re highlighting five more web experiments – including a versatile drawing app and a virtual paper airplane that flies above real cities.

Before you try them, make sure your device’s green light is on, and that you have checked the “Allow Web Apps” box in the Leap Motion Control Panel (General tab). We recommend Google Chrome for these apps.



This fun creative app includes a variety of brush types, the ability to change the background and brush colors, and variable brush tips that respond to the angle of your finger. Inkmotion also allows you to work with layers, and undo and redo actions.



Fly above 25 world cities in a paper airplane with Nokia’s Make your airplane swoop, dip, and tilt between 3D skyscrapers, or soar far above the streets.



Control Chrome with this gesture-controlled keyboard plugin, available for free on the Chrome Web Store. DexType uses a disambiguation algorithm for easy typing, and includes dictionaries for 26 languages.

Gliese 3D Star Map


Grab and drag your way through the stars in this interactive 3D map that covers the 3,000 stars that lie within 25 light years of Earth.



In this simple horror game, you must explore and escape a cave system where darkness is your only enemy. Control your torch with a finger or pencil, replenish the flame before it extinguishes, and get out alive.

Our developers continue to  experiment with new and different ways to interact with our browsers. We welcome your feedback as we continue to blaze new trails and share new apps. Once you’ve taken your #FirstLeap with these websites, let us hear your thoughts and ideas for other web apps by Tweeting @leapmotion or posting on our web apps forum thread.

As always, if you’re interested in developing an app or website for Leap Motion, please join our Developer Community and download the free SDK at