Today, we’re announcing a strategic deal with Ultrahaptics that combines the two companies and solidifies our collective role as the world’s leading spatial interaction company.

Ultrahaptics is a long-time Leap Motion developer and the two companies have been working together for nearly six years. Their haptic technology creates tactile sensations in mid-air using ultrasonic waves. This deal will create a vertically integrated technology company that brings us that much closer to fully immersive, rich and physically intuitive virtual interfaces.

This will not in any way affect our unwavering support for the incredible Leap Motion community.

In fact, joining forces will not only lead to new and exciting products, but entirely new categories of technologies that could only come from deep collaboration between these teams.

Our two companies together will be more than the sum of their parts. At Leap Motion we’ve always been about breaking down the barriers between people and technology to reach the true potential of both. This announcement represents the next step in this quest, and we are honored to have you continue with us on this journey.