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Sci-fi movie interfaces are often breathtaking ways to tell a story, but the next generation of AR/VR interfaces will be clearer and easier to use – with a lot less visual clutter. This week, motion designer Mike Alger released an 18-minute video that digs into the cutting edge of VR interface design using the Leap […]

Hey everyone! As part of our global tour for the Leap Motion 3D Jam, we’re at Berlin’s Game Science Centre to take developers through our SDK and building with the latest VR tools. Registrations for the workshops and meetup are still open. The livestream is happening today from 9am–2pm PT (5–10pm CET) at the top of this post – jump into our Twitch channel to join the chat session!

Ahead of the event, we thought we’d give you a quick overview of what to expect. Let’s take a light-speed look at VR development with Leap Motion in Unity and JavaScript.

Ever wanted to set a course for Farpoint Station, punch your robot buddy, and push a spaceship into overdrive? Make it so. Designed as an experimental research project for hybrid interfaces, our VR Cockpit demo is now available for download on our Developer Gallery.

Early last month, Leap Motion kicked off our internal hackathon with a round of pitch sessions. This basically involves everyone bouncing crazy ideas off each other to see which ones would stick. One of our tracking engineers suggested using our prototype Dragonfly module to augment a physical display with virtual widgets. Our team of five ran with this concept to create AR Screen.

You’ve probably heard the rest of the story. Our team’s video got shared on /r/oculus and led to a feature on Wired. While the Wired story focuses a lot on the experience side of things – the power of spatial thinking and offices of the future – it was light on the technical details. Since we’ve heard from a lot of VR developers interested in the project, I thought I’d do a deep dive here on the blog.

New Unity Asset Lets You See Your Actual Hands — Not Just a Rigged Replica Using our existing hand assets, you can already reach into a demo and see robot hands, minimal hands, even realistic hands for different genders and skin colors. But these aren’t your hands – it’s like choosing from a catalog of […]

Just in time for the 3D Jam, we’ve rolled out an update to our setup guide for Unity, along with a brand-new asset! With Rift/Desktop, your project will be able to recognize whether an Oculus Rift is connected, and set the camera accordingly – allowing for easy access to desktop and VR modes within a single app. Here’s a quick recap of our existing Unity resources, including the new asset.