With a major design update and a wide variety of new apps, it’s been an amazing week for the Airspace Store. Along with the 10 new apps below, the Airspace Store also released four custom collections of apps – making the discovery of great apps even easier.

Check out our 10 newest apps below, or explore the Play, Create, Explore and Learn, and Staff Picks collections.



Save the last remnants of humanity in the charred battlefields of a robot apocalypse in this new Windows game from Double Fine Productions, free for a limited time. In Autonomous, you must salvage robot parts and harvest energy to construct your own automatons and fight enemies. Get the app »

Creative Tools


Reach out and bring your ideas to life through pottery sculpture. Free for Windows, zPots lets you mold virtual clay and create colorful designs with sculpting and painting tools. When you’re done, save your model for 3D printing. Get the app »


Allthecooks Recipes

Keep your computer clean in the kitchen with hands-free recipe browsing. Allthecooks Recipes is a free Windows app that lets you search, browse, and view recipes, access a special Cooking Mode, and switch between recipes to prepare multiple dishes. Get the app »


Travel Seeker

Discover your dream vacation with Travel Seeker, an experimental new flight search experience, available free for Windows. By combining a gesture-based interface with gamification, it makes browsing through travel plans into a sublime activity. Get the app »

Music & Entertainment


Take a trip to a tropical island and play bongo drums with this free music app for Mac and Windows. Bongos! features three different drum kits, various music and percussion loops, and realistic pitch sensitivity. Get the app »


Release your inner rock star with DRUMair for Mac and Windows – a new virtual drum simulator from Jazzy Innovations. Practice your percussion skills with real drumsticks or make your own from paper. Get the app »

Cubase iC Air

Feel like an orchestra conductor with Cubase iC Air, a new plugin for music apps Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7. Adjust faders and equalization, navigate through your arrangements, and tweak a variety of controls through gestures. Get the app »


Plug-in for Autodesk Maya 2014

Newly available for Mac and Windows from the Autodesk website, this plug-in for Autodesk Maya 2014 lets you design and manipulate 3D models in 3D space. You can control almost any aspect of Maya, create custom tools, and access easy scripting integration. Get the app »


3D Geometry

Discover the wonderful world of polyhedra with 3D Geometry for Mac and Windows. A class of 3D shapes that include prisms, pyramids, and platonics, these unusual geometric shapes will help you learn about angles, surface area, volume, and more. Manipulate, flatten, and paint the shapes to gain a better understanding of math and geometry. Get the app »

Cyber Science – Motion: Zoology Trial

Want to try the new educational app Cyber Science – Motion: Zoology for free? In the trial version, you can explore, dissect, and reassemble a tarantula before moving to the full version, which includes a rhinoceros beetle, caterpillar, butterfly, earthworm, and starfish. Get the app »