With the rise of new 3D web technologies, many of the most amazing Leap Motion apps live entirely online. This week, reach into Chrome and explore intricate virtual anatomy models. Plus, challenge your friends and the computer to a real-time game of geodetic shapes, destroy evil demons in a mysterious labyrinth, and create your own classic sound synthesis.

Biodigital Human™

Explore the body in an immersive 3D visualizer. Featuring thousands of medically accurate anatomy objects, BioDigital Human™ lives entirely in your browser. Discover what lies beneath the skin with tissue dissection and detailed cross-sections.

BioDigital Human™ runs on the latest 3D web technologies. As always, we recommend Chrome for all Leap Motion web apps. You can see the full list of system requirements on the app’s Airspace Store page.

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Defeat your opponent in a real-time geodetic tic-tac-toe experience. Cyx is a race to complete one of four shapes before your computer (or another player) does. Unlock higher levels and discover the secret advantage of pentagons.

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Dark Soul: Path of Awakening

Step into the Darkness labyrinth to shoot your way through catacombs, underground laboratories, and 14 levels of monster-fueled hell. Dark Soul: Path of Awakening takes you through a violent dreamscape where demons hide in the dark. Fight them with shotguns, M16s, and your own growing demonic powers. (Rated for gamers 16 and up.)

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Memorix 3D

Train your brain by flipping boxes and searching for matching pairs in this classic memory-building game. Designed for children and families, Memorix 3D includes three different gameplay levels, along with fun animations and sounds.

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Animal Zoo

Discover animal sounds with your toddler. Animal Zoo features cute, colorful animals that make sounds when you grab their picture.

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Create your own old-school sound synthesis. Syntheremin fuses a synthesizer and theremin to let you generate your own Moog-style music, along a waveform analyzer that lets you see and hear how your actions affect the sound.

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Create and showcase beautiful fullscreen presentations of your images and PDF files. PRSNTA features slide navigation and a virtual pointer to help you highlight important points.

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TomBraining The Gallery

Dive into the classics with TomBraining The Gallery. Stroll through a world of classical art and music, featuring insightful narration along with a game mode that tests your knowledge and memory. Narrated by actor Brian Protheroe with analysis from a celebrated art historian, it’s an oasis of artistic expression and high culture.

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