Get ready to fly through an alien multiplayer world, unravel a tangled puzzle, or knock down cube creatures with the latest apps in the Airspace Store. This week, we have four new games, and an RSS reader with Leap Motion control. Plus, download the free trial version for the sequel to Boom Ball – one of the most popular games in Airspace.

Boom Ball Adventures

The battle against the cube creatures of Crebos has only begun. Dual-wield paddles and lasers, juggle multiple balls, solve puzzles, and travel to 5 exotic locations. Boom Ball Adventures is available for Mac and Windows, and you can try the first 7 levels for free. Get the app »


Take the latest futuristic journey from the creators of Telekinetic. Free for Mac and Windows, Volantes places you in control of a ship flying through a competitive multiplayer world. Challenge your friends, capture bases, and shoot down enemies. Get the app »


Ravel is a unique puzzle for Windows that you must untangle so that none of the lines intersect. While it’s easy at first, you’ll be surprised to discover how challenging a few dots and lines can be. Get the app »

Half-Inch Heist Turbo

Featuring old-school graphics and a hand-crafted soundtrack, Half-Inch Heist Turbo for Windows is an arcade-style test of skill and endurance. Fight off deadly swarms of enemies in your quest to recover a priceless diamond. Get the app »


Discover your favorite news and media with the Leap Motion Controller. Solostop is a free RSS reader for Mac and Windows that lets you choose from over 25 different feeds, including major news sources and blogs. Get the app »